June 22, 23 & 24, 2018

Expect Good Times & Great Deals

A great place to get acquainted with what's available

For More information or to book your spot please contact
  Heather or Tina

Tina Snelgrove  
10 years in the trade show

Heather Gunning    
30 years in the trade show

 Jim Lambet
587- 938- 5240

10 years in the trade show industry

Ted Pearson
778 220 7856
32 years in the trade show industry

First, let me tell you a few things about us. 
The Maritime Recreational, Sport & Leisure Expo is a production
of Maritime Bloom Company
which is a privately-owned company.  We are a mother and daughter team
and trade shows run in our blood.  Just added to the team is Heather's brother
Ted who brings 32 years in the trade show industry
Like many of you we are hands on so that
we stay on top of, and have complete control of the
Maritime Recreational & Leisure Show.
We have been in the Trade Show Business for many years and recently sold
our last show, thinking of retiring.  However, we soon discovered that we
missed the enjoyment of producing a successful tradeshow and we were too
young to sit around and do nothing.   We bring years
of experience producing large trade shows across Canada and the United States.
This is a public expo bringing together consumers and companies
all under one roof. 
Now we are starting the marketing of the show. 
Those who take advantage of early commitment will have their desired locations.
Looking forward to seeing you at the show.
 Heather, Tina & Ted